Motel Mozaique 2013

donderdag 28 februari, 2013

We upgraded and refreshed the Motel Mozaique website to make it ready for the upcoming festival. The website is now fully responsive, ready for all devices. Under the hood we keep making changes to improve performance to provide the best surfing experience for our users.
The artwork, as always is done by Roeland Otten.

The festival will take place at the first weekend of April 2013, on Friday 5 April & Saturday 6 April, its already the 13th edition. This year, the festival is going to take the form of a ‘weekender’ : it will make sure that the visitor has everything he needs at the festival itself. The visitor does not have to leave the festival for a thing. Besides the music, art and performance program Motel Mozaique will offer more sleeping accommodations and an extended daytime program, including concerts in the afternoon at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. The visitors will be able to enjoy an adventurous festival in the city center of Rotterdam from Friday 5 April 4 pm for 36 hours, with a few hours of sleep of course.

The music, art and performance program is growing by the day and tickets are available!